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The Plantain Value Chain.

Apart from using Plantain as food (both ripe and unripe), there are many derivatives from Plantain:
1. Chips from Plantain can be made of various flavors – honey, ginger, vanilla, pineapple, etc
2. Cakes and Chin-Chin are made from Plantain
3. Plantain wine
4. Animal feed
5. Leaves, pseudostems, fruit stalks and peels after chopping, fermentation and drying, yield a nutritious and medicinal meal
6. The fibre from plantain serves for production of ropes, bags, shoes, shirts, ceiling sheets, mats, belts etc.
7. The plantain trunk serves as raw material for production of numerous products including paper, car accessories, dye stuff, building materials, etc. Its fire and water resistant properties helps to serve this purpose.
8. Baby food
9. Ethanol and Biogas