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At Finnmba Farms we believe that the inhabitants of Nigeria and the whole continent of Africa has no reason whatsoever to be hungry. The nation and the continent are blessed with abundant resource of arable land to produce enough food to feed her inhabitants. Our aim therefore is to contribute our quota to achieving this goal, hence our slogan “we feed nations”. Our goal is also that our farm produce and its by-products should be healthy for export to any part of the world.
Our philosophy is in organic farm practices by working with the natural rhythms of the soil, plants, people and micro-organisms to grow our crops and reduce environmental and health risks that accompany chemical intensive farming practices. The approach to all our farming techniques is mostly application of organic manure. Pending the start-up of our animal husbandry section, most of our manure is sourced from neighboring poultry and piggery farms to provide sufficient nutrients for the crops. Genetic modification is not part of our farming practice. We do not use chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides; only organic fertilizer is used to supplement the manure from animal wastes. The health of the end users and consumers of our farm products and their derivatives is of paramount importance to us.