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Finmba Farms started in 1989 with poultry farming located at Amoli town in Enugu state, Nigeria.  The farm focused primarily on producing broilers for meat production; serving the local markets within the state. There was a period of no operational activity, during which the proprietor invested considerable time and resources in research and acquisition of know-how for large-scale commercial farming.
Finmba farms was formally incorporated in 2008 under Finmba Investment Limited which is the parent company. The farm was relocated to Ihunbor town in Ogun state and pilot farming activities commenced in 2009. The first of such pilots were cultivation of maize and vegetables (ugu), followed by cucumber, tomatoes, plantain, cocoa and palm.

“Over the years Finmba farms worked tirelessly on a special breed of Plantain that is highly nutritious and high-yield value. This special breed starts flowering after six months, followed by development of inflorescence, forming the Plantain bunch. The matured fruit is harvested after three months after flowering. The breed has capacity to produce three times in a year.  Enormous resources were further invested to study the viability of its large scale cultivation, maintenance and marketing.

National Horticultural Research Institute of Nigeria (NIHORT) played a very important role in our studies and early stage of development. Dr. Sunday Akinyemi of the Institute contributes his wealth of knowledge to the farm; especially in the areas of orchard management, disease control, good cultural practices and training. Some farm employees attend periodic trainings, seminars & conferences where applicable.”

Finmba farms started large scale cultivation of Plantain in 2014. So far about 70,000 (seventy thousand) stands of plantain covering over 35 acres (thirty five) of land are already in the farm. This was well supported by an irrigation system to ensure adequate watering during dry seasons. The plantain started bearing fruits within the first year. Further planting of plantain has continued ever since and expansion is still ongoing, with a target of 1 million stands in the first 10 years.

Alongside plantain cultivation are vegetables, cucumber, tomatoes and cocoa. Some of our seedlings were also developed in conjunction with the Agricultural Institutes.  While these other produce is currently cultivated on small scale, detailed study is ongoing on each of these products just as was done with Plantain.

Finmba farms is one of the pioneers of Plantain City Project which is currently being established on an already secured 100 acres of land for the 1st phrase. The farm is located at Ihunbor town of Ogun state, along Idi-Iroko road axis on the Seme border which is a 30 minutes’ drive from Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.